Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: The Albee Tapes

This name is absolutely cheesy, and all together a very amusing thing to look at while viewing for channels. I can take it you're name is Albee, so incorporating your name into a Star Wars character, is what I say, "Genious." I have a weird recommendation to give you a catchphrase, "May the Force Be With You", but that would bring up the cheesy level another 100% percent. ;) But all together, love the name choice, something relevant for being created in 2006, and all together a solid 8/10 for it. As for the actually vlog name, "The Albee Tapes", it kinda indicates an actual vlogger who records stuff in his life that is a little bit fun/bad/weird/normal. etc etc.

For an average video you upload, you seem to get an decentable ammount of views, depending on your topic, or even title, for that matter. I can easily say 25-115 views per moderate video. What do I see from this? Your uploading schedule seems to be off balance for a few, sometimes you upload once a day, and sometimes you skip for a few days and then upload again. From experience, this can end of fluctuanting your amount of views because of the days you upload them. For example, peoples interest of the day you uploaded. Once a day is moderate amount for a vlogger. Subscriber wise, you seem to be at a good amount to see some views daily if you upload daily, and that's very good. :)

For your videos you upload, you seem to be running a moderate constistency, for example, you might upload it certain areas for a few days, then switch it up, it's always good to give viewers a variety when viewing your material. (as for me, I upload most of it behind my bed, but that's just me!) And you seem to have a change of clothing for each video. (average for a vlogger!... oddly enough) As for your intro, there is a little bit of... well I don't know how to describe it, it didn't feel right. But with your upload schedule it all fits together into a good video series.

The videos all together:
When I watch your videos, I think of one work... Kookiness.... your voices you add to each videos are just... what. I mean it's funny! But... what? Ha ha, it's just kookiness... for example I'll link to a video.
"" When I watched that video, I had somethings to wonder... c: But there's alot of people who love kookiness, and they love pointless stuff, trust me, half of Youtube is full of it. So mainly, you fill up the spot just right. You have seriously improved your content since the stuff from a year ago. All together, love the improvement.

(and the robe as your background was a nice touch!)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Currently on ze bus...

Where thoughts occur, don't they? Been having thoughts of what direction I want to steer my life. Will it cause failure?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekly Recap: Vlogging Strategies

Now with being employed, I SHOULD be able to vlog/blog more, but with my sleeping pattern still in the works, I take time away from this blog itself and put it into other things like videos, or forums.

My apologies! If I no longer post on this blog, a simple warning will sufice.

Video of the week:

Being haunted by Ben at the start of December would be a hellish nightmare. Apparently, being Humbug is the same case.

Contained 161 views in a measily 4 days.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Rise to Power Song!

How can I express this song? Bliss. One word... simple as that. It just feels right to listen to. LoZ is a melody of great BLISS! Before the Xbox and the PS3 came and angered the other side of me. Simply playing Wind Waker / Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask was enough to calm the nerves that make me sick when I get down to think about it. I would say it haunts after a while, but in a good way, and that you have an addiction to continue to listen to it. OVER & OVER & OVER... apologies for using that harsh "&." Online video games ruined society and totally threw 1990's off its decade of honor. It may seem like I'm speaking all rubbish here, but
I've honestly gotten to the point where the point of life needs to be spoken of. Slaughtered love has been shown to me as the Gamecube's ended. I can even say the N64 should have stayed as the dominated console, even in the year 2011. I can perfectly say the year 2012 will be ended by one game. Call of Duty. Gahh...

See my opinions? Believe them a hundred percent. They will create an abortion so massive, the world will slaughter itself in agony because of how terrible it is. If I guess that this fate is right, believe me when I say.


*end of transmission*

First Diamond Video Project!

If you may remember, i did say I was working on a video project of an action stealth movie. Currently, I'm on the finishing touches of the sound effects of it and so far, it looks astonishing. It basically lets me accomplish stuff I wish I could do at home with my videos without the limit of what I COULD do... As of now, it has earned the honor of being the first video to receive a diamond intro, which indicates projects I actually care about. Once the video itself is done, it and the intro will be released. It's a quickie, but still well done.

I love ranting on the iPhone...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shuffing Montage

With the Summer of Shuffling over, I'm gonna make a montage of people shuffling to sorta memorate it.

Rat Race Review Script

Rat Race Review Script:
"I fucking love Rat Race. It involves a bunch of kooky characters, being offered $1,000,000 that is being held
somewhere in New Mexico. But at first, we have to watch this."

*cue start up with stupid people with credits*

"Okay, what the hell did I just watch? SERIOUSLY!?! Anyways, after that fucking weird entrance, it shows every
racer showing up to the hotel. The team consisted of a referee currently being hated for a bad call during football.
Someone who was just at a bachelor party. A mother finally meeting her daughter and seeing how rich she is.
Mr. Beans... for some reason... A family of Jews on their vacation in Vegas to see David Copperfield, and lastly,
Seth Green and his brother who speaks like Daffy Duck. BUT FUCK YES, I LOVE SETH GREEN!"

"The owner of the casino hosts a rat race, and gets contestants by putting entry coins in the slot machines, which
of course, everyone uses. What a bunch of fucking gamblers."

"Once everyone receives the coins, and they meet up to discuss the race. The owner of the hotel tells them about
the money, and simply says Go. The only one actually hyped seems to be Mr. Beans. FUCK YES!"

"It turns out most rich people in the world bet on EVERYTHING! Fucking most cutscenes of them involve bets.

"Everyone at first thinks it's a scam, but still run after the money. Except for Mr. Bachelour Party. (I don't like to
remember names.) Everyone obviously uses the airport, except for Seth Green and his brother, who do not get
tickets. Their response? No one gets a flight. (God, what a bunch of dicks.) They end up breaking the radio
tower and almost end their own lives. Mr Bachelor Party ends up in the airport coffee house, waiting for his flight
back to wherever he came from. He ends up meeting a woman reading the same book as him. She ends up
being a pilot who's flying to New Mexico. The rest can easily be guessed. They don't go anywhere. Just kidding."

(Now I'm not gonna go into great detail on the trip to New Mexico itself. But I forgot to say, Mr Bean, my fan, ends
up passing out in the Casino and waking up when everyone is already close to New Mexico. Goddamn. Well,
after all these wild moments, GUESS WHO GETS TO NEW MEXICO FIRST!?! FUCKING BEAN! REALLY!?!

"He ends up passing out at the locker... go fuck yourself. At the last few miles, everyone runs towards it, just to
find out the money was not there, but instead stolen from a hooker that was in the middle of the movie. Whore."
But, like anything made in 2002, it ends with fucking SmashMouth..."

The rest of the movie is pretty much crazy antics, that you would rather just watch by yourselves. It's a movie
worth checking out.

Currently in the works...

I am currently in the works of creating a review for the classic movie, Rat Race.

Script will be released as soon as its finished!

Apologies for lack of uploads

It's been hard to upload and blog, mainly with work and school were a factor.

So simply, here is my rant on Loudmouths:

People just won't shut up? I have to constantly listen to music in school because they are SO annoying! It's like they can't "use an inside voice." Were they even born with manners? It makes no logical sense..

More rants can be heard here: