Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Rise to Power Song!

How can I express this song? Bliss. One word... simple as that. It just feels right to listen to. LoZ is a melody of great BLISS! Before the Xbox and the PS3 came and angered the other side of me. Simply playing Wind Waker / Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask was enough to calm the nerves that make me sick when I get down to think about it. I would say it haunts after a while, but in a good way, and that you have an addiction to continue to listen to it. OVER & OVER & OVER... apologies for using that harsh "&." Online video games ruined society and totally threw 1990's off its decade of honor. It may seem like I'm speaking all rubbish here, but
I've honestly gotten to the point where the point of life needs to be spoken of. Slaughtered love has been shown to me as the Gamecube's ended. I can even say the N64 should have stayed as the dominated console, even in the year 2011. I can perfectly say the year 2012 will be ended by one game. Call of Duty. Gahh...

See my opinions? Believe them a hundred percent. They will create an abortion so massive, the world will slaughter itself in agony because of how terrible it is. If I guess that this fate is right, believe me when I say.


*end of transmission*

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