Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: The Albee Tapes

This name is absolutely cheesy, and all together a very amusing thing to look at while viewing for channels. I can take it you're name is Albee, so incorporating your name into a Star Wars character, is what I say, "Genious." I have a weird recommendation to give you a catchphrase, "May the Force Be With You", but that would bring up the cheesy level another 100% percent. ;) But all together, love the name choice, something relevant for being created in 2006, and all together a solid 8/10 for it. As for the actually vlog name, "The Albee Tapes", it kinda indicates an actual vlogger who records stuff in his life that is a little bit fun/bad/weird/normal. etc etc.

For an average video you upload, you seem to get an decentable ammount of views, depending on your topic, or even title, for that matter. I can easily say 25-115 views per moderate video. What do I see from this? Your uploading schedule seems to be off balance for a few, sometimes you upload once a day, and sometimes you skip for a few days and then upload again. From experience, this can end of fluctuanting your amount of views because of the days you upload them. For example, peoples interest of the day you uploaded. Once a day is moderate amount for a vlogger. Subscriber wise, you seem to be at a good amount to see some views daily if you upload daily, and that's very good. :)

For your videos you upload, you seem to be running a moderate constistency, for example, you might upload it certain areas for a few days, then switch it up, it's always good to give viewers a variety when viewing your material. (as for me, I upload most of it behind my bed, but that's just me!) And you seem to have a change of clothing for each video. (average for a vlogger!... oddly enough) As for your intro, there is a little bit of... well I don't know how to describe it, it didn't feel right. But with your upload schedule it all fits together into a good video series.

The videos all together:
When I watch your videos, I think of one work... Kookiness.... your voices you add to each videos are just... what. I mean it's funny! But... what? Ha ha, it's just kookiness... for example I'll link to a video.
"" When I watched that video, I had somethings to wonder... c: But there's alot of people who love kookiness, and they love pointless stuff, trust me, half of Youtube is full of it. So mainly, you fill up the spot just right. You have seriously improved your content since the stuff from a year ago. All together, love the improvement.

(and the robe as your background was a nice touch!)


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